Egypt Green Line, Blue Line, Red Line

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The Green Line—a 22-station high-speed electrified main and freight rail line—is the first of these three lines. This line will serve as something of a new Suez Canal, linking the port cities of Ain Sokhna on the Red Sea coast and Alexandria, Alamein, and Matrouh on the Mediterranean Sea coast, covering a distance of over 410 miles. Once completed, the line will transport more than 30 million people each year and cut out up to 50% of travel time, providing safe, efficient and affordable transit for passengers and goods across the country. The line will also connect both seas and dry ports, thereby improving freight-transport efficiency and increasing freight transported by rail by 15%.

The Blue Line—the second high-speed rail line in the project—will span 683 miles, linking Cairo in the north with Aswan and Abu Simbel in the south.

The Red Line—the third high-speed rail line in the project—will connect Luxor in Upper Egypt with Hurghada on the Red Sea coast.