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Our Services

We support EPC contractors developing international projects with multiple sourcing requirements

Tailored financial solutions and managing financial complexities

Imagro Construction can prepare “tailored” financial solutions to support EPC contractors developing international projects with multiple procurement requirements.

Thanks to its innovative business model, Imagro Construction is able to bridge the gap between the General EPC Contractor, the Lead Arranging Bank and the Export Credit Agency (ECA), channelling financial facilitation upon itself and maximising financial support to the supply chain.

In multi-source projects, the high number of SMEs involved usually has a commercial and administrative impact and financial complexities that need to be managed for each “person-SME situation”. Imagro’s unique services allow us to provide our clients with an enormous pool of state-of-the-art Italian products to choose from while assuming the responsibility of managing SMEs, thereby ensuring a smooth and solid supply process and enabling our clients to focus on other aspects of the project.

Global Procurement

Imagro has an impressive global track record with the main EPC contractors, structuring finance and integration with a “one-stop shop” procurement service that becomes a useful and efficient scheme eligible for both export and for Credit Agencies and Banks.

The result is a GLOBAL PROCUREMENT model enhanced by ECA financial facilities, which is highly appreciated by EPC companies whenever they develop a project in countries where financial and global support for both procurement services are needed.